How long do i leave my iphone in rice? - 1

Sooo… I dropped my phone in the toilet but I heard the splash and grabbed it literally a second or two later. I didn't know what to do, but when it asked my to power it off, I pressed cancel. Then my phone looked normal for a minute, then went dark. I tried turning it on but the screen just messed up and turned off again with the little apple.

I put it in some rice at around 4 or so and want to see if the rice worked-- if I take it out will it do anything to my phone? It's been 4 hours now… Thanks!

for the night!

take it out after 5 hours then blow dry the inside by the speaker hole charger hole etc the stick back in the rice over night (blow dry if you have to again

I know about the story of leaving drenched electronics in rice. It really doesn't work… The case is basically sealed with very small opening on few places. If water got inside, there's no way rice will pull the water out and fix the problem. If water gets in between places, there's no way it's coming out.

Someone with an ability to open the case could blow away any remaining water and dry it though you must act fast. My suggestion is to take it to an independent repair place and see what they can do for you.

Should have turned it off straight away and never turned it back on. When the power is on the water can do damage to the phone. I know what you're going through, a few years ago I also dropped my phone down the toilet but I left it for like 30s in the toilet, took it out, didn't turn it off. Then, went online for advice and took battery out and put in a bag od rice. The phone could turn on but then it had a mind of its own and started doing random crap itself and also turning itself off, basically it was screwed. I know you're really worried about your phone but trust me, do not turn it on, keep it in rice overnight or 24hrs, maybe blow dry it and then try it. Since it was only in water for 2s it may be okay but you didn't switch it off and you turned it on so electronics may be screwed. Anyway hope your phone is okay. If not you can just get a cheap one or use your back up one for the mean time. You'll probs need a new sim for your temp phone due to iphone using nano sims and cheap phones using normal/micro sims. :)

Be more careful with the replacement.

big mistake you turned it on, once your cell goes wet the first thing to do is just remove the battery and do not try to switch on cause then you actually cause the serious damage which is the A/C goes off for most phones and then wht they are going to tell you is that you need to change the whole mother board and that cost alot of money, however right now just for the sake of trying though i'm afraid i can tell you, you already messed it up by trying to switch it on but you do not need to keep it in rice just remove the battery remove all covers you can take off and put it in hot area but not directly to sun light it should be exposed but not directly to the sun you can keep it even for 5 days even to ensure the water is dried up or you can use the hair dryer for that matter, people when your phone accidently falls in water just remove the battery and do not try to switch on that's what make it go bad for good


Well, your first mistake was not turning it off right away, but the same thing happened to me. I left it in until it worked again.