How much do you pay a month for an Iphone? - 1

And what service do you have?

Unlimited everything, sprint, 100

£23, everything's unlimited, and its on T-Mobile

For one Iphone unlimited text and unlimited talk with 2G data $113 a month with Verizon.

With two Iphones 750 minutes (shared) unlimited text and 2G of data (each) I pay $180 a month also with Verizon.

$45 unlimited everything on my iphone 5 with straight talk

I have an iphone 5 on Sprint and i pay $97 everything unlimited with my iphone insurance included and i have LTE which is blazing fast.

I pay around £12 per month on Three(UK) for my iPhone 5; I get unlimited data, and plenty of texts and minutes.

(Not a contract, I bought my phone straight from Apple)