How to activate my iphone 5? - 1

So i bought an iphone 5 from some dude and we met at a local sprint store so i could verify that it had a clean ESN and wasnt stolen. So everything went smoothly until i got home and tried to restore the iphone. I put it in recovery mode and restored it. Now the phone says i need the original Apple Id and Password that was used on the phone, which i dont have because i wasnt the previous owner. Also forgot to mention that the previous owner was running IOS 7 which has that new anti theft thingy. Is there any was possible to activate the phone by going to an apple store or something. Ive already tried contacting the guy but its pretty late and hes probably sleeping. What can i do?

Go to a shop

Hi, first you should try creating a new apple ID. Go into iTunes and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on apple ID then click on Create a new apple iD, then create a new ID and password
Hope this helps regards Conor.

If iOS 7 was ever installed on the device, you need to get the device's UDID registered on a site like's $5, and then you'll be able to properly restore.