How to add music to my music library on my iphone?

If I don't download music from iTunes? I used to have android but on iphone I don't know how to download music. I won't pay for any song I'll let you know that. I'm broke. So how do I download music and put it in my music library? Please help.

Thanks x

You require ITunes to put it on your phone

but if dont have itunes, then you require a mac to do it

you should stick with android

You need to use a computer. Download iTunes (free) and start adding music from your computer or a portable hard-drive. Connect your iPhone and follow instructions to 'sync' the music.

Just download for free whatever music you want, download itunes(its free) and open the folder containing the music you downloaded and drag it all to itunes, wait for it upload and drag it to your iphone.

also after installing itunes plug your phone in and as soon as you can click on your phone so it shows the details page and go down and change sync setting to manual.otherwise your itunes will automatically erase everything on your phone and replace it with whatever is on your itunes. If its nothing you will end up with nothing.

hope this helps