How to can I connect to a wireless network with my iPhone 4?

My iPhone 4 won't give me a password screen when I tap the "Choose a Network".It gives me a screen with blocks for: IP Address, Subset Mask, Router, DNS, etc, etc. We changed home routers recently and I haven't been able to connect to it yet. The only other wireless network that I have connected to gave me the same screen until a password screen did finally come up without me doing anything.

What do I have to do.

Added (1). DHCP is set on iPhone. This home network is recognised by the iPhone, but iPhone 4 also recognises other WiFi spots when close to them. Had a real problem connecting to another WiFi spot away from home. Password screen "magically" appeared on it's own on visited site without any action by me.

@David, I've got all the information that would go into the blocks, but the iPhone won't allow me to input information into the blocks, so I can't go that route.

iPhone 4 doesn't appear to give any choices except tap on the site and wait.

I'm beginning to think that I actually have to connect (w/Ethernet cable) to the router which is provided by the phone company, then connect to the telco web site. They didn't provide any software, just login to their website and provide some security ID details and the telco program did the setup. My wife's laptop connected with router with no problem. All the router asked for was the router name and password.

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It sounds like your network is not secured so it automatically connects and like the above person said you need to ensure your router is set to DHCP.

Lie your iphone on top of you're computer, or laptop. This is due to the fact they pick up the most internet connection. It automatically connects and wil ltake you to a page called 'google'. If you can't get the internet on your iphone after that, just go on to the laptop/ computer for your internet needs.

Login to the router and look at the information for it.It'll show you everything you need to input into each field. It should then work. I don't know why your iPhone doesn't just automatically browse for networks like mine but either way it should work. All you're doing is manually connecting. No biggie.

If it's not getting that info automatically, make sure "DHCP" is selected in the phone. Otherwise you will have to set up the connection manually.

I'm assuming the router was set up with a pool of DHCP addresses. Out of the box, that's pretty much the default now days.

If you have tried in the past, it's probably remembered the network name - what you describe is the screen to change settings on a 'known' network.

Go to Settings, WiFi, select your network name and hit the 'Forget this network' button.

When you go back to the main WiFi screen, it should find yours again and ask for the password.
(If not, turn WiFi off for a few seconds then back on).