How to change my icons on Iphone 5?

I looked it up but all the guides are for iphone 4 and when I try it, it doesn't work.

Oh, well, you see, you're an idiot and you bought an iPhone so you can't. If you bought an Android, on the other side…

You need to jailbreak it.
currently there is no JB and there will not be one released on sunday.

If your talking about moving your icons on the iPhone simply press and hold a icon till they all start shaking. They will then be able to move freely across the screen. If you are physically trying to change the look of them you can only do it if your device is jailbroken, which the jailbreak for the iPhone 5 will be released Super Bowl Sunday. Yes you can check the status of the jailbreak at

You mean change their order? Same way for all iPhones. Press & hold & when they wiggle move them about. Move onto one another to make a folder. Press Home button when done.