How to charge an iphone 5 without a charger?

My iPhone 5 is fully out of battery and won't turn on, and I don't have my charger with me. What do I do? I've heard that rubbing it vigorously might help, but I don't know how long to do it and whether or not it will work with a completely uncharged iPhone 5. I need to know for sure that whatever I'm doing works for my particular model, the iPhone 5.

You can't really bring the phone back to life until youve charged it. Try pressing the off and home button at the same time. If it doesn't turn on, you might have to wait.

Impossible, you need the new charger, just go to a store, they might have a charger for iPhone 5? If you don't, tuff luck kid

You can't charge an iPhone without a charger. It's like trying to watch TV without having a TV at all.

It is almost as easy as swimming without water. Do you realize how utterly absurd your question sounds?

Buy a back up charger a second one and carry it with you

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Do you have any part of the charger? If you have the USB cable (part of the charger), you can charge it through a computer. Or use a charger for the new iPad if you have that. If not, then it's impossible. You could go to a phone parts and accessories shop and see if they have a charger that will work for an iPhone 5. Where I live, there's about 4 of these phone accessories places all in one town so it's worth a look.

Good luck.
EDIT: If you do get a new charger, they won't be proper ones from Apple but they will be charge your phone and they will be relatively cheap.

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I think rubbing will help it did not work for me my phone has been dead for weeks so good luck

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Idk what to do but my phone is about to die

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none of these ideas work. Just go to the store and buy a new one.

none of these ideas work. Just go to the store and buy a new one.