How to create more storage on my iphone 5?

I've had my phone since February this year, and the storage is absolutely terrible. I can't remember it being this bad - but that might just be the ios7 update.

I've delete literally all my music, I have barely any apps, I deleted every single photo and disabled photo stream. What else could be taking up So much storage!

Take it too the apple store?

Turn off iCloud… And restart your iPhone, and try to install again

1. Connect your Apple iPhone to the computer via the provided USB cable. Momentarily iTunes launches on your system. The photo program you have on your computer also launches. All of the new images you have taken with your phone are now backed up onto your computer.
2. Select the iPhone under "My Devices" on the left side of the iTunes window. Click the tab you want to remove stuff from (such as "Apps," "Music" or "Movies").
3. Deselect the items you want to remove and click the "Sync" button. After the items have been removed, it increases the storage on your iPhone.
4. Disconnect the iPhone from the computer.
5. Unlock the iPhone, sliding your finger over the "Unlock" switch, then select "Photos." Click the photo album, then press the picture you have backed up on your computer. Push the "Delete" icon in the lower right corner of the screen and the image deletes. You can do this to all of the images saved on your phone.

2 other things you may not have tried

-Use a desktop app called PhoneClean to clear out some cache files
-Restore the iPhone.