How to delete photos on Iphone 5 photo library?

The photo library is annoying for me because it just combine all of the photos you have in all of your albums, is there a way to delete it? And can you delete a photo on camera roll without deleting it everywhere? Because i moved some of my pictures from my camera roll to my iPhotos album but i only have 1 option to choose, to delete it on both camera roll and my iPhotos album.i'm not going to buy iPhone again. It's so f*ing complicated. It's just photos but there's no any other options you can do on your photos. Not like other phones/android phones. You can just create an album and you can just cut and paste it on another album. IPhone SUCKS. :| sorry for my bad english. Thanks for those who will help:)

Unless your phone is jailbroken you are going to have to do it manually, after importing your pics into iphoto you should have clicked erase from camera roll but like me you didn't. So now you are going to have to go through a delete them by clicking edit on the top right and start clicking all the pics you wanted deleted. Do not try and click all the pics and then click delete when you are finished, I recommended doing it in batches.