How to get more GB on my iPhone 4?

I only have like 200 pictures and like 11 apps an barely any music and I don't really want to delete more things! And I don't want to have to buy or pay money! Is there something I can download or anything?


Nope. The memory amount is fixed.

But look closer - the stuff you mention would come no where near filling it.

Sorry but iPhones don't have expandable storage, unfortunately you're going to have to delete some data, I find going into Settings>General>Usage helps to find out what's taking up the most space on your iPhone.

Also you could just transfer all of your photos to your PC or Mac and store them on there, that way you can still keep them but just not on your iPhone.

When your contract runs out on that phone, why not go for an iPhone with 32Gb of storage? I have the 32GB iPhone 5 and I find there's plenty of space for content, plus I got mine fairly cheap with my carrier.

No. Have to buy a new model.

You must have the 8GB iPhone 4.It actually only comes with about 6.5GB as the apps that already come with the phone and the operating system take up space, which is why you have run out of space so quickly. You cannot get more GB on an iPhone. Like somebody else suggested though, you could just upload the photos you do not need on your phone to your computer.

No, the only option is to upgrade to the 4s which has 16 gb. Apple does not do the memory card things when it comes to phones - of course that gives a person incentive to buy the next phone that has larger memory or just deal with what they have.

I would suggest you send the stored pictures to online sources such as dropbox, icloud, etc. That way you can access it but it will not take up your physical memory on the phone. As well as pick and choose your apps & media until your ready for the next iphone which has 16 gb.