How to get my Verizon iphone 4 to work with Straight Talk?

Basically I have an outstanding balance of 480$ on my verizon account and i cant pay it off just yet, but i desperately need a working phone and was going to buy a straight talk phone from walmart until i could, when i saw that they sell iphones for straight talk.did some research and saw that straight talk sells sim cards but bc my phone is verizon the sim card would be useless to me. My question is what is flashing and can i do that to my phone to temporarily have straight talk service on my phone? I dont intend to have it for long (unless the service really is equal to the service im paying 120$ a month for, vs 45$ for straight talk) and i dont want to "flash" my phone and it be irreparable.
how do i flash and what exactly does it do and can it be reversed and is that all i necessarily need to do to get straight talk? Is there anything else?

Straight Talk does not allow Verizon phones to be used with their service, even if they are flashed. The Straight Talk bring your own phone service allows you to use unlocked GSM, AT&T, T-Mobile phones except Blackberries with the Straight Talk sim card and unlimited plan.

Your current Verizon phone is useless until you pay off the balance. You currently have a bad ESN on your Verizon phone, until you pay off the balance.

The Iphone that comes from Straight Talk will use AT&T or T-Mobile towers for service. Where you live will determine which service will be used.

I would get a cheap Straight Talk phone with service, and keep paying on your Verizon bill. If you do not pay your bill from Verizon you could end up owing Verizon around $800 to $1200 depending on how long you have had your phone and if you got your phone through another service like Wirefly or Amazon wireless.

You'll need StraightTalk's CDMA service if you want to use the Verizon iPhone 4 on their network. You need to get the phone flashed to StraightTalk but it's not irreparable, you can get it flashed back to Verizon again. You can mail this person ( who can help you get the phone flashed to StraightTalk.