How to get photos off my iphone to my dell laptop?

How to I transfer my 400+ photos from my Iphone 4 to my Dell Laptop? I know of one way, and that is email, but that would chew up my internet usage, and it would take hours.

Is there a way to do it manually through computer connections? Same goes with videos and music. Anyway possible?

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Added (1). I have sync'd my iphone to my computer, and it will not download the photos from my phone to my Itunes, and When i go to "My Computer" my phone is not showing up as a external drive.

Download iTunes on your Dell. Then sync

Either sync the iTunes and allow it to sync the phone or, on what I did was manually transfer the photos. Click File>My Computer>iPhone 4> and drag the folders from your iPhone to whichever folder you want whether it be Documents or Photos.

If you have iCloud, you can use it to transfer photos from iPhone back to computer easily.

Two free ways:

2. Syncios iPhone Transfer

Vdieo to Audio Converter is the best choice. You can use it to convert various video files to audio formats.