How to get the ios 7 on my iphone 4?

How do I get the ios 7 on my iphone 4?

IOS 7 isn't out for free yet, if you want it you have to buy it or wait

If I were you I would wait till the official update is released. The beta has many bugs, and especially on an iphone 4, you'll probably lag a lot.

I wouldn't listen to that ryan fella he's right about it not being out yet but you cannot buy it, you have to be a developer, apple asks you and then you have to pay something around $100 to get it,

However you can download and install it but its kind of buggy at the moment as its still on its beta stages

Ive put a link down below on how to do it but i advise you only do it if your good with this kind of stuff, it wont break your iphone, but to the not very technical mind if something goes wrong it can look like that Lol: P

Hope this helps

The first step is to register your device with a developer account. If you don't want to pay for a $100 developer account, you can register at for only $5, and they put it on theirs instantly. Then you can download the firmware for your specific device from, go to iTunes, hold alt (or shift on Windows), click Restore, and select the firmware you just downloaded.