How to import photos and videos from my iPhone 4 to my computer?

My PC uses Windows 7. I have tried the official instructions from Apple, however when I go to Start->Computer, my device does NOT show up as it says it should.

Here are the instructions from Apple:
To import photos or video from your device to Windows:
1.Connect your iOS device to the computer. If the AutoPlay window appears, click "Import Pictures and Videos using Windows", then skip to step 4. If the "Import Pictures and Video" dialog appears, skip to step 4.
Note: If the AutoPlay dialog box does not automatically open, you may need to enable the behavior
2.2.Choose Start > Computer.
3.Right-click the logo for your device and click Import pictures and videos.

I cannot seem to do Step 3, as there is no logo for my device or option to import pictures.

Any help would be appreciated!


Have you tried e-mailing yourself the photo or video?

Its all about the computer recognizing your iphone. If you have tried alot it may be a broken part in the iphones usb insert area or the pc's usb insert area

Is it enabled as described in step 1?

Have you installed the Media Feature Pack…


Hello, friend. You may take a look at this step by step guide, it's about how to transfer files from iPod touch/iPhone to computer iTunes, it supports Apps, Contacts, Songs, Videos, Photos, Playlist, Games, etc. Data files. Easy to understand and works pretty well for my iPhone.