How to recover photos off an iPhone you no longer have?

My iphone fell into the lake and I have now a new iPhone (4) as a replacement. While at the lake I took a bunch of pictures. Is there anyway to get the pictures I took on my previous iphone to my new iPhone? I had iCloud set up and it recovered up to about a week before the phone was destroyed. Thanks.

No, I don't think so. Sorry. They don't have memory cards or anything so unless you uploaded them online where you can save them, I dont think there is a way.

A magic wand. But if you dont have one of those laying around there is no way. And this sucks i had this happen i hate lossing good pics

Yes, only if you had synced your files onto iTunes on computer, you can get your photos back! My iPhone was stolen when I was out. Fortunately, I got my pictures, music and videos back! Tenorshare Data Recovery for Mac saved my life! Thank God!
You can download it from to scan your iphone and you may find your photos! Btw, you can preview the recoverable photos it found as well.