How to reverse IOS 7 download?

So i downloaded the IOS7 update. I didn't exactly do it legally i jail broke it i guess. But now that i have it i actually hate it. I makes my phone slow and it wont let me imessage. I was wondering if there was a way to reverse the download. I tried to reset it to the factory settings but every time i press "reset Iphone" it says "There is a problem downloading the software for this iphone. The requested resources were not found." is there anyway i can reset it. Please help

Thats the problem with jailbreaking, all the software sucks. I would just take it in to an apple store or if you have a friend who works there take it to him or her first.

Do the same thing you did for iOS 7, but this time with iOS 6.1.3 or whatever version you want

What your talking about is downgrading. I'm not so sure if it's possible to do that with iOS 7 I haven't been with the apple community for a while lol I've been working more with android devices. But download the iOS 6 firmware from a jailbreak ingredients website. After that has been done go open iTunes and shift click iTunes if in windows, and option click if on Mac. Now a Window will show up showing you lists of items head to the downloads folder and select the.ipsw file and hit Ok. This should downgrade the os

That was your bad mistake and there is no easy way out. You should have waited like the rest of the world. If you knew what you were doing, you'd have a different story. If you were a developer, you would know that betas are buggy. I can't help you.

Download a 6.1.3 firmware to your Desktop, if method 1 fails.

1. Open iTunes. Shut down your iDevice and plug it in the PC while holding the Home button. This will make it enter Restore Mode. From the iDevice control panel in iTunes, select restore.

2. Plug in the iDevice while already start up. Wait for whatever sync to finish, then while holding the Shift key click on Update Firmware (in iTunes, of course).It'll ask you to select a file to use, select the downloaded 6.1.3 firmware file from your Desktop.