How to speed up ios 7 on my iPhone 4?

I current own an iPhone 4, and everything I do is slow with ios 7. Settings and camera app take longer than necessary to load, animations are slightly stuttery when switching to the passcode pane. Notification center and control center take 1-2 seconds more to show up and my phone froze up once when choosing a ringtone. Please help! Greatly appreciated. :)

Also, the photos app takes longer than necessary to load videos and photos!


Installed OTA
have around 2.9gb of space

Added (1). Have installed 2 days ago.

The iphone Is still deleting old system files, it will eventually speed up but a fast way to speed it up is to completely restore your iphone. Associate all contacts/calendars with an email account that way they are easily recovered after restore. (Do not restore from backup)

Well if it's the same as a computer then when you put a new OS on a pc it rubs slow because it's indexing still.

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