How to switch iTunes Store on iPhone?

So I wanted to buy a song but I couldn't find it on the US store so I googled it and it said this song is unavailable in your country do you want to switch to the Australian store? And I said yes. Now I need to switch back to the US store, but I did all of this on my phone. So I need to know where on my IPHONE I can select my country. Thanks!

You can find more information about iTunes Store features and your device in the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch User Guides.

or download it here…

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1) Launch iTunes Store in iTunes application
2) Scroll down till the bottom of the page to your Apple ID.
3) In the pop up, click View Account.
4) Under Country/Region your can make the change.

I did this but my phone still does not want to buy any apps. It keeps telling me I must switch to the South African store, but I'm already in that store. This is very frustrating. Why doesn't it just switch automatically to the required store?

I am facing the same problem!

Sorry I've managed to rectify my problem. Follow the step using your iPhone. Go to iTunes and click on your id. Then View account. After that it will prompt you to switch back to your country. Voila.

Yah if you're using the app just sign in and out of your apple id

why my iPhone cannot switch apple id

there is no Serbia on my iphone and I need to fill personal info there, it's dumb.