How to sync my iphone to a new computer without losing everything?

I have my itunes account that I use for my iphone on one computer, but I want to download my pictures from my phone onto another. If I connect my phone to the computer without the itunes account, will I lose everything like the ipods do? Is there another way to drop all of my pictures without emailing them and downloading each time? Thanks so much!

Jailbreak or log into your itunes on that comp.

If you want to sync photos you need to turn on iCloud and enable Photostream for both iPhones.

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You need to make use of the iPhone's latest iCloud features. First, set up iCloud, so that all the data on your device is constantly synced to the cloud. Once you want to sync with a new computer, you can provide it with your iCloud ID and password, and all your data will be downloaded to that computer.

Hope it helps:)

No, you won't lose everything if you connect your iPhone to the computer without your iTunes account. All you have to do is connect you iPhone to the computer, it will come up on your desktop and ask what you want to do.
If you've got a PC, go to My Computer. Your iphone will show up as a removable open folder to view files (this only shows the photos on your iPhone). Then you can copy and paste photos from the folder to your computer.
If you've got a Mac, go to iPhoto and login to your iTunes account. On your iPhone, go to settings, iCloud and iCloud backup. Backup your iPhone to iCloud. This puts all your photos on iCloud, then login to iPhoto from your Mac.Al of your photos will appear. Then you can save them to your computer.