How to sync songs in your iPhone 5? Sync songs from the computer to iPhone 5?

I downloaded itunes in my computer, and i also plug in the iphone 5 cable to the pc, but i see no iphone icon in the itunes. I dont know why there is no iphone icon in the itunes, and when i went to settings, i touch the music section, and they said that i need a itunes match.

Try using another USB plug. Or you might need to update your computer

Hopefully you downloaded iTunes 11.0.1. If not, Do so now.

Open iTunes with out any devices connected.

In the top left corner click the little icon, then click Show Menu Bar.

Click on View > Show Sidebar

Click on View > Show Status Bar.

Now connect your phone. Be patient for a minute or so.

Your screen will now be showing your phone in the left side column.