How to talk to random people?

I have an iPhone and want to talk to people. I've tried Omegle and chat lobby but that's just a bunch or horny guys! Any ideas!

You can try Chatroulette! It's Way better than Omegle. You can also just use the "text" option on Omegle if you don't want to be greeted immediately with "manly parts". Or, you and the stranger could answer questions by clicking the "spy mode" button. Good luck!

Omegle has some worthwhile people out there. I found my best friend on there.

Go up to a hobo and do a magic trick if you get the right hobo they will flip out it is kinda cool.hobos the future of tomorrow.jk

You grab some friends, walk outside, and decide "It doesn't matter how embarrassing I am because I'll never see them again and if I do it'll be a great conversation starter."