How to transfer data from iPhone 4S to iPhone 5?

Hi I am getting the iPhone 5 tomorrow. I have the iPhone 4S now and have an iCloud account on it. When I deactivate the 4s and activate the 5 and sign into my iCloud account will it automatically put my pictures, contacts, and apps on my new phone?

Yes, icloud will do that just choose the option to backup and then activate icloud on the new phone. You can also use itunes to backup and restore back, and if you go the phone company to buy the phone, yo ucan have them copy it for you too if you want.

Yes as long as you choose "backup" on iCloud on your 4s.

Hey, i know sometimes iCould sucks so i usually use Moborobo to backup the contacts and sync to my new iPhone. I think it is way more convenient than iCloud.