How to transfer files to iphone without installing itunes?


Does anyone know any free programs that I can use to transfer files to my iphone without having to install itunes on my computer? I tried ones like Xilisoft or Copytrans manager but they need itunes installed in order to work. Many thanks in advance.

Sorry bro I don't any that don't require iTunes like ifunbox and iexplorer requires them too so that's all I know unless you have a Mac then it'll be easy just ask some one else that. But there's no program that doesn't need iTunes to transfer files like file manager

Files like music? Well you can downlad from the itunez to your iphone… You can purchase itunez match where if you burn a cd on your computer it transfers it to the cloud so you can download it to your appl device otherwise i got nuthin

Download iPhone transfer to have a free trial. It can transfer files bewteen iPhone and computer without iTunes.

Use iCloud?

I am now using a very cheap program called Wireless Transfer App. It is $1.99 on the App Store. You can have a look at it.