How to use an iphone 3gs without a data plan?

Is there a way to use an iphone 3gs without a data plan?

You can use it for wifi only, but no calling as smartphones require data plans.

Prepaid and turn off data in settings.

Turn off data on settings and use WiFi only.

1. You need a contract free phone, because most contracts bundle data plans with the contract. The resulting higher contract plan rentals are what subsidize the phone.
2. Then get any plan that does not bundle data; could be pre paid, post paid pay as you go, or even a long term contract.
3. Then turn off the data option in iPhone settings. If you do not, then you may get onto internet inadvertently, either by mistake or because some app wants to go to internet, and without data plans going to internet is very very costly.

After the above 3, you can use the iPhone just like any other smart phone - calling, apps, internet access over wifi etc. The only thing would will miss is internet access on the go