How to use gopro 3 with the gopro iphone app? Read details?

I just purchased the new gopro 3 black edition. I have everything set up on it like iphone app and everything else.

The question I do have is that when I make a video with my gopro camera and then go to preview the video on my iphone it does not show up. It says in the upper left side that I have a video but no where to click to see it? I have tried multipul times to restart the app but still no luck. Just wondering if there is some special steps to do before you can preview your video on your phone?

Any help?

The app allows wifi remote control of the camera, including a PREview of the scene and camera set-up. It does not (at least at this time) allow for a REview of a video/photo you have shot.

If you are not getting any remote control connectivity:
Make sure the camera is set to "goPro app" under wifi settings
Make sure the wifi is on (side button, blue light flashing)

Make sure you have connected to the gopro (including password) on the iphone, under wifi settings and connections. Start the phone app after the camera has been turned on and is active.