I can't add cydia.hackulo.us as a sources from cydia?

I jailbreaked my iPhone and i have a cydia when i go to manage and do all the other steps and at the end says that "Verification Error A server with the specified hostname could not be found".
Any one help me to solve this problem i really wanna download an installous

Hey dude. Sorry to break it to you but Installous has stopped its making. I know it sucks. The makers stopped production. BUT there are alternatives (which is awesome). Here you go bro:


That has several programs that are alternatives to Installous.
Although, I've tried Vshare and Appcake. To my knowledge, they haven't been that great for me. I'm about to try the #1 option, though. (iFunBox) Appcake has downloaded some apps but when it comes to large files, it tends to stop downloading half way, so try something other than that. You can go through the list and see which one you like most(: