I downloaded ios 7 and would like to remove it, but I need a developer account?

Hello. About 2 weeks ago, I found a youtube video that showed me how to install ios 7 for my iPhone 5 without a developer account. I regret doing so and would like to remove it, but iTunes will not let me connect my iPhone without a developer account. Is there a way I can get around this? Please help!

You need to get your device's UDID registered as soon as possible. I registered mine at http://www.instantudid.com/ and they literally did it instantly for $5. Otherwise, you won't be able to use your phone.

First off I may talk about syrup in a lot of my answers but im not trolling here take me seriously.

Don't trust betas until you fully look into them
Step 1 Download this firmware its necessary so iTunes can see you have the file when it restores
Google it you'll find it---> 6.1.4 (iPhone 5 GSM): iPhone5, 1_6.1.4_10B350_Restore.ipsw
Step 2 unzip it and place it into any folder as long as you know where it is
Step 3 Plug your iphone in and open iTunes, once you open iTunes select the iOS device from the upper right corner, to the left of the button on the iTunes Store.
Step 4 Hold the shift key and click restore, you may or may not have to turn your device off.
Step 5 Now that you've clicked restore find the folder you put the 6.1 software and click that.
Step 6 Restore it your phone will proceed to reboot and please wait for them to perfect the software fully.

Also I use any of the 5.0 softwares as those are simply the best jailbroken, email me if you have any questions

Mahubahay stop scamming this is the easiest way I listed there are more options and if your being serious I feel sorry for you.