I dropped my iphone 5 in water?

I got it out quickly and the camera works fine as does everything else on the phone. However, the sound is messed up. It's really quiet and music sounds awful but I can barley hear it, even on full blast. Is there anyway to fix it?

Turn the phone off and put it in a bowl of rice. It probably has water inside it.
The rice will absorb the water and it will start working normally.

Put your iPhone in rice for a couple of days the rice would soak up the water don't use it while its wet power it down and put in a container with rice let set for a couple of days

Try drying it out using a hair dryer of just naturally, but if that doesn't work then I'm afraid it work work again unless you take it to a repair shop

Hi I did the exact same thing so what you need to do is check the headphone jack there should be a little dot in the center if its white you can replace it for free but if its red that means apple will charge you a fee to replace it. But if you want you can put ti in a bowl of rice and leave it there overnight and check it in the morning I wish you the best of luck.:)