I dropped my iPhone in water. - 2

It took me about 5 or 10 seconds to get it out. When I picked it up I pressed the home button and turned it on and the screen flickered a little and went off. I googled some stuff and its all saying the same thing about not turning it on afterwards but I didn't know at the time. Also when I was drying it, the flash to the camera kept coming on and when I put it in a bowl of rice, the flash was still on… Will it ever work again?

Yeah it will probably come back ive spilled an entire can of soda on my ipod and it worked fine after I cleaned it off… Probably should wait a while before pluging in or turning on

It will. Depending which iPhone it was. If 3GS then no. If 4 4s or 5 then yes. On the iPhone 4 4s and 5. 2 screws at the bottom of phone take them out slide the cover up and remove. Grab a hair dryer and dry out the phone. But not too close to the phone

Keep the phone in switch off mode. Take the phone to service centre. The technician over there will dis assemble the phone, clean the PCB of the phone with acetone, perform some tests for short circuit and touch screen module, camera lens etc etc and then it will be clear that what all parts are damaged due to water. But there is nothing to worry about. A good and experienced pair of hands will easily fix it within a day.

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