I forgot my IPhone password! - 2

I forgot my iPhone password and now I can't access it. Is there anyway where I can fix it without losing everything on my phone? I really love my phone, and I don't want to lose all of my stuff. Please help.

I do not think their is a way. You could back up everything onto your computer then go to the apple store. Always right down the password or use the same password for everything.

Apple is very secure, take it to the Apple Store and tell them to restore it. Trust me experience you won't loss anything but sync it with iTunes and back it up! K?

Yes if you have iCloud or Lookout or iTunes Sync/Backup you will be able to get your things back. Plug it into iTunes and press the device that is your phone. Look where it says check for update then press restore phone and agree to everything keep your phone plugged in during the whole thing. Then watch the magic happen as the startup screen of a new iPhone comes on. Use I cloud at this time and once you get back into your phone it will be the same. DONT RUSH INTO THIS WITHOUT BACKING UP YOUR THINGS! You will regret it as there will be nothing on your phone.