Ideas for a 3-5 minute demonstration?

I am doing an interview where I have to demonstrate my teaching style using a 3-5 minute lesson which could be on anything that I want. I am looking for some ideas that aren't too simple or too complex for this project. I was considering breaking down a law into its elements for interpretation but there are so many caveats that I feel it might be too confusing if it's condensed to 5 minutes. I also considered demonstrating a napkin folding technique but these seemed too simple.

Let me know if you can think of something that I could teach in 3-5 minutes effectively (we are allowed to use video so I could do a cooking lesson but I don't have a camera outside of my iphone/macbook and it is awkward to film on both of those).

Added (1). I have to demonstrate how to do something…

On why you shouldn't do drugs.

Making potato chips is a hit

Origami… You can choose the difficulty and it'll be easy to evaluate your teaching skills.