INSTAGRAM Help! My iPhone 4 has been banned from instagram?

Instagram has blocked my device (iPhone 4). I can create a new account on another device and it works fine but when i log into my phone it says blocked device because of violating the terms and conditions. I have done everything imaginable to try and get back to using instagram. From my searching it seams that the only thing i can do is to get a new phone… Dont wanna do that!

If i Jailbreak my phone can i do something to help? Maybe change the udid? Would that help?

Your only way to get unbanned is to appeal the banning with the company. If you didn't do anything wrong, they will unban you… If you did, you deserve what you got.

Try deleting it and downloading it again but like he said ^^^ if you did something bad you get what you deserve not to come off as rude or anything

Just jailbreak it, then get a UDID changer. It's that simple. Once you change your UDID, you'll be able to use instagram again. If you want to jailbreak the right way, here's a step by step tutorial on how to do it:

Here are some cool things you can download once you're jailbroken:

Hope this helps you out!