IPhone 4 iOS 7 disabled phone help?!

I locked myself out of my iPhone 4 at iOS 7. I never synced my phone to iTunes, is there anyway I can get into my phone without losing my stuff? Please this is important and my data is not backed up and I dont have icloud set up.

Wait a couple of hours for it to unlock

Well, no when it is disabled it means it won't give you the option to wait and then unlock disable means he already passed that stage. You have only this option eitherto connect it to your computer which you have already connected the phone to it before using itune go to devices in itune and unlock from there. If not then you have to do a hard reset. Switch off your iphone open your computer and keep itune open
press the home button while the phone is off fora couple of seconds and keep holding then connect the data usb cable to the phone and not before while pressing the home button. Then the phone will enter the recovery mode you will know that by seeing the itune logo on uir phone now you can leave the button. On itune you will get a message to restore your phone and it will start downloading the software it is about 700mb it will take time but when done ur phone will be as you got it new

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