IPhone 4 not responding to touch! What do I do?

So I was on my iPhone yesterday, and I was messing with the finger gestures things that is on assistive touch. All of a sudden, the iPhone doesn't respond to touch. At all. It turns off on its own, and comes back on, and now its stuck on the lock screen just joking with me telling me to slide to unlock.
I looked it up online to see how to fix this mess and I read to turn it off (by holding down the lock button, and home button for however so many seconds) and turn it back on, so it could kinda reset it, but the thing is that I'm using assistive touch because the lock button on top is stuck and does not work.
. And to make things worse the alarm keeps going off on my phone and the only way to mute it is by pressing on any of the volume buttons, but that only helps for about 10 minutes. So I'm having the alarm constantly going off. Super annoying.
I'm struggling with this iPhone 4!
& if you could tell me a way to fix the lock button problem, I would greatly appreciate it.
My phone is out of warranty.

--Thank you!

Plug it in to itunes and restore:)