IPhone 4 Recovery Mode, will I lose all my pictures?

My mom just got the Iphone 5 today, and the At&t worker said that her Iphone 4 would be just like an Ipod touch. I was really excited that i would basically have one. So i plugged it into Itunes and it said that it wanted to update it. So i said sure, and clicked update. But then something happened (the wire shorts out alot) and the phone crashed. I plugged it back in and it said that it needs to go into recovery mode, but in order to do that, it will erase all of my data. But my mom said I cant erase anything until she gets all the photos off of it. But the ipod itself is just stuck on a screen that has a white wire and its telling me to connect to Itunes. WHAT DO I DO? IF PICTURES GET ERASED MOM WILL KILL ME. Theres over 800 photos.

Thanks D:

Hey hon,

Before doing the recovery it should prompt you to back-up these files.

Is there an option to cancel or x out of the message that says recovery mode? If so, do it, and then save to computer, or icloud if youve enough space.

Another option, while it's plugged in are you able to access the files via My Computer? That could be another way to save the files.

I have an iPhone, not an iPod so I'm not familiar with its settings. Hope it works out!