IPhone 4s iOS 6.1.3 to 5.1.1? I have a 5.1.1 back up!

I have an iphone 4s which i upgraded to 6.1.3. I now want to revert my iphone to 5.1.1, i have made a back up for the 5.1.1 but when i want to restore from back up it just resets my phone! How can i restore it to 5.1.1 using my backup file ( which i have located? )

If you have shsh saved for your 5.1.1 then you can downgrade your phone and then restore the backup. But if you don't have then you will get error 3194 while downgrading your phone.

If you saved you shsh files then you can downgrade but if you didn't then no hope

Not going to happen. The SHSH blob is what you'd need here.