Iphone 4s won't connect to wifi?

I've been searching the internet all day and I still have no idea why it won't work. No networks even show up, there's just that little rotating circle next to the choose network option. I tried entering the wifi information for my house and it said it was unable to find it. I tried restarting the router and that did nothing. I've tried resetting all my network information and that didn't help. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I had this same problem. It has something to do with the ios6 software update. All you have to do is go to settings and reset your network settings. It won't delete anything you have on the phone so don't worry

THANKS! "Worked like a charm!

THANKS! Helped me out as well!

Ya i did that and it wont work!

Didn't do anything for me

It didn't do anything for me either! Ugh

I reset my settings, wiped my phone, restored my device, followed what the tech guys told me, everything you could think of and its still not working

Oki having same problem, but now cant turn on the wifi at help!

Thanks Froja, it worked for me too!

Thanks- I have had my phone for months and couldn't figure out how to fix it so it would get wifi - I did what you suggested and it worked.

My phone won't connect to shit.

Hey worked for me thanks!

It worked and the AT&T techies wasted a lot of my time, tried to sell me an upgrade, and never once mentioned this quick fix. Thank you!

Didn't work for me. Now it won't even turn wifi on. What the hell, Apple! How about some solutions.

It worked! Thanks so much. I was starting to get very frustrated

How do you reset network settings?

I reset network settings and it wont work it wont let me slid wifi on it says it is shut off.

it wont work i got ios7 now but still cant go on wifi help?!

No help this is dumb I need IOS7

My IPhone lost the wifi connection yesterday and I have been trying to figure out why my IPhone won't re-connect to my wifi. Everything seemed to be ok. So I reset the network again (have done this before) and it worked.

This iPhone won't even let me turn on Wifi… When it does then it won't connect to any network. This phone is JANK!

It work so well! I was so scared about using all my data but now I don't have to be thank you!

Worked perfectly.

1. I went to my settings > General > Safari > Deleted data ect.
2. Wiped my phone still didn't work.
3. Went to network settings still didn't work.
4. Reset the the entire router. It still didn't work.
5. I plugged into Itunes to update to 7/1 and it still wouldn't allow me to connect. My old phone, laptop, and ps3 all connect after i forget the network, but my iphone won't do shit. No idea why it won't, but I am beyond pissed. I NEED YOUR Help! :/ ANYONE?!

Sam problem here. Fucked up phone it pisses me off

Worked for me, I've been trying for hours. Many thanks.

I have powered my phone off and did not work. Went in to settings and reset them and also did not work. I am frustrated as I love my phone.

I'm having the same issue. My computer will connect to my home wifi but my iphone 4s won't.(Actually it seems like it connects and shows that it is connected but won't actually connect) I'm confused because my phone will connect to other networks and work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

i forget password id/apple i'm confused because my phone 4s is bloqued, ineed help Thanks!

Ok, so I hard reset my iphone and the thing will move but… It's still not connecting

Thank you! It worked! I am relieved. I love people that post useful advice like this.

dear i update my iphone 4s but now my phone say no internet cannaction but i cannact to the wifi. When i don't up date my phone so it work best but now it work not best. My problam is why my phone say no internet cannaction please tel my.

My iphone 4s will not connect to any wifi but still has the ability to connect through the phone it self. Any suggestions on how to get it connected to my home or any wifi? It wont work anywhere

Why won't the wifi off on button even slide to on

I tried it and didn't work-guess I won't be waiting to UPGRADE from apple bs to galaxy!

Fukc Apple. After all the problems I've had with this phone I vwill never buy another Apple product. Not even mentioning the planned obsolescence business model.

my iphone 4s wont connect to my wifi and I tried everythink I could think of help?

What does invalid IMEI mean when I check number online before buying?

didnt work for me either

Nothing worked. Not reset, reset network, can't enter network IP. Upgraded OS. Nothing. Really aggravated.

I dropped my iPhone in the water its working grand accept the wifi and Bluetooth how do I fix it

This happened to me too. I found a helpful YouTube video that said to powerdown your phone wrap it up in a paper towel and put it in the freezer for about 20 minutes. When you take it out reset your settings and then the Wi-Fi should work again. It worked for me twice in the last six months. It has something to do with the phone overheating. I will try to find a video and post it.

did not wirk >:-( t(-__-t)

I just got a free iPhone 4s off the jolly old mother and after about 30 minutes of squeaking like a little girl from excitement I put my sim card in it which has about 500mb of data on it. It says that its connected to 3g but it wont load the internet and the WiFi just says 'searching' with that depressing little circle next to it we all know too well:(

i reseted the whole phone and it didnt work then i decided to search it up and your idea worked thanks but now i feel stupid i lost all my pictures and my phone lags

I tried the freezer trick for 10min. Then powered phone on and off and it worked.

This worked for me, thank you!
>>> All you have to do is go to settings and reset your network settings. It won't delete anything you have on the phone so don't worry

My 4s just won't connect to wifi. Have tried everything suggested and even used a different 4s. Same thing no wifi. Please help I am so hacked off.

wont work for me. Its not letting me on my home wifi and I really need this to work. What do I do?

My WiFi button was grayed out and the network settings reset fixed it

didnt work for me

Didn't work for me

Try using a blow dryer on the bottom end of the phone until it overheats then power it off then put in the freezer for about 10 minutes then it should work.