IPhone 4s wont activate after ios 7 beta help?

I updated my iPhone 4 s to ios 7 beta which is early and i tried to restore it but it wont activate because im not a developer is there a way i can fix this without paying 99.00 to be a developer my phone wont go pass the activation help please!:(



Use this guide:

Maybe you shouldn't trust what you read on Ifunny… You're screwed

If you downloaded it illegally then that explains in it's own why your phone didn't activate you dumb a s s

Because you downloaded it illegailly and thats not going to work now.

Email me

Mines done the exact same thing but only its the iphone 5, i didnt know it was illegal:( help me!

My iphone 4s has done the same thing. And i went thru itunes.wont connect to servers.