IPhone 5 lifeproof case problems?

I just got my lifeproof case and I was wondering if anyone else was having trouble with texting! Mine seems to have an air bubble or pocket that makes it difficult to text quickly bc the space button needs to be pressed really hard. Is this true for most?

Hahahahahahaha damnnnnn, nahh. I don't have that problem

Maybe you didn't install the case correctly, so you'd better take you smartphone to an Apple Store for adjustment.

My plastic randomly popped out in front of the apple sign anyone else?

There are a lot of counterfeits being sold. I had one i purchased on amazon and my phone was destroyed by water (leaked where plastic for apple logo was). Called life proof and when i gave the serial # they said it was counterfeit.amazon refunded my money after i filed an a-z claim because seller was playing games.

Yes! Lots of problems. Unable to use screen while on a call.

i have the bubble as well. And people can't hear me very well when i am talking to them on the phone. I looked for any plastic pieces that needed to be removed… But still. It didn't help.

My case by my home button is coming apart

Yes, I am having a hard time using the phone with the lifeproof case on. When I take it off, my iPhone 5 works fine. To all, make a claim & lifeproof will send a 'new' 1.

I put my case on and now I am unable to use the power button/ lock screen on my phone. Has anyone else had this problem. I purchased the fre model

My case separates from the plastic on the top left corner. 2 cases same problem, anyone else?

Shutter won't work underwater while snorkeling. Come out of the water & it works fine within a minute. Lifeproof is sending me a free replacement.