Iphone 5 - Lost Passcode -Iphone 5 disabled?

I am 68 years old and not too powerful in my memory. I bought an Iphone 5 some time ago and activated it with a passcode. I have not used the phone for some while. Now I have forgotten my passcode. Can anyone help? I have made a few attempts but they were all incorrect. Now my iphone has been disabled. I understand the iphone allows me to make further attempts after a few hours interval. I understand also that further fail attempts will lengthen the intervals between further inputs. Can anyone help with suggestions and please let me know when I can make further guesses at my passcode?

Well, my mum just fixed my sisters iPod touch some time ago and it was disabled and like you, she forgot her password. My mum got on the computer and fixed it on iTunes I think. But just to say that if you are going to use iTunes to fix it it erases EVERYTHING! It erases all your contacts. I don't know how to get to iTunes to fix it so maybe you should just go to the apple store and ask. Hope it turns out all right!

If you have synced your iphone with a computer, you can try: connect your phone to itunes on the computer, (back up first) and then click restore

You have to hold the lock n home button and get it into recovery mode. Then plug into iTunes and it'll detect its in recovery mode and sort it out. I did it the other week.
Just google putting your phone into recovery mode and plug it in. Sorted:)