IPhone 5, Speck Candyshell vs Otterbox Defender?

It's Wednesday now, and I'm getting an iPhone 5 on Friday, I've been looking at cases so that when I go to get the phone, I know exactly what case I want to get along with it. I really love the speck candyshell in pool blue/salmon pink as well as the otterbox defender in punk. I wanted to know which case I should get… I always wear skinny jeans, and I like to put my phone in my pocket, would that be a big problem with the otterbox defender? I COULD always put it in my bag if the problem is major, I'd just… Prefer to keep it with me at all times. Could you possibly tell me the pros and cons of each case? And/or recommend another case and/or just tell me which case is better?

Okay otterbox is the way to go because if anything happens to it they send you another one completely free if you go to otterbox.com. An otterbox defender is big for skinny jeans if you want something nice and protective look into an otterbox commuter

Speck All THE WAY! It's more stylish and also it literally provides almost the exact same protection of the Otterbox.