IPhone 5 stuck in recovery mode?

My phone is stuck in recovery mode and when I plug it in, iTunes says I must restore the phone to factory settings. How can I get around this? I do not want to lose all my photos, etc.

Added (1). I don't have an iCloud. I was devastated to restore the phone, but i just did it anyways.turns out my photos were able to get back on the phone somehow! Thank you though. Now i know i should backup everything on iCloud just in case this happens again and I don't get so lucky…

You can't buy you can backup everything on your phone to your iCloud.

You can't. I would say to reverse the process by holding home and power button but once iTunes recognized it as in recovery mode your done sorry

You have to restore either way but when you plug it into iTunes you can try to restore from an older back up. You can do this by right clicking your device on the left sidebar and clicking restore from backup. You can then choose a back up you want to restore to.

So pretty much:

1. Plug into iTunes
2. Right click Device and click restore from backup (ex, Bob's iPhone)
3. Choose back up you wish to restore from
4. Restore phone an set it up.

Good Luck!

hi i have got a iphone 5 and its suck in recovery mode and it wont restore what can i do

you might have a hardware problem that's what apple told me