Iphone 5 vs GS3, what to get?

I am about to get a new cell phone but don't know what to choose. I was a bit hesitant to get the iphone 5 considering I already have an ipad mini. And I was also scared to go android because my current android (Samsung Infuse) is very slow and lag-ish, however it is an old version on android. What's your opinion? Why did you chose apple or the gs3?

IPhone 5

GS3 the camera is better its just a better fone

I havw used both and the gs3 is one of the best phones out there, huge improvement to older androids and definitely worth the switch, dont wastee money on the same old ipod product

Get the iphone 5… Android messes up and lags and freezes over time. Iphone 5 works flawless!

I suggested GS3. This is the best selling Android phone in India…

This phone have 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display which is large and high quality display.

Iphone 5 is not good because in a few times browsing and simply talking It gets too hot. The battery life is not also good.

GS3 have nice features for more details you can visit:

GS3 BY FAR! I wanted the Iphone 5 so bad but I got the GS3 instead. It's a better phone. You can pretty much customize whatever you want with the Android OS and it doesn't get boring like how ios gets. If you get bored with the way your phone looks… Just download a launcher… Simple. Also it has S Beam. I literally sent a 2.5 GB movie to my brother with S Beam and he got it in about 4 minutes if that. It's insane. Also it comes with 16GB INTERNAL STORAGE (Kinda like how the Iphone has) EXCEPT like all android phones it has a micro sd slot which supports cards up to 64 GB of storage… So that means if you have a 64GB memory card you will literally have 80 GB of storage on your device… That's more than you can have with ANY Iphone because the max is 64GB on iphones. So for the SAME PRICE of a 16 GB Iphone (and maybe 50$ or less for a 64 GB microsd card) you can have 80GB… That's insane. Also the colors are brighter and you can watch videos and surf the net, text, etc. At the same time. It will receive more updates than the Iphone 5 will because apple releases about 1 update per year and on the other hand android releases multiple one for newer devices. Also the Galaxy S3 will soon get an update that let's you do pretty much what you can do on the Galaxy note 2 such as be on 2 different stuff AT THE SAME TIME. THATS TRUE MULTITASKING… I'm talking computer sh*T! (excuse my french).It's just Better for the same price.