IPhone 5 won't connect to my WiFi?

I have an iPhone 5 and it is up to date, I have never dropped it or had any problems with it.
Our home WiFi has always been a bit dodgy but has been okay for a while now. My laptop, which is a Macbook, is perfectly connected to it and is fine! On my iPhone, my Instagram wasn't working and I found that my iPhone had weirdly disconnected from the WiFi, I tried to reconnect to it but it wouldn't, however, the network does come up on the list, I tried turning it off and back on again (both Wifi and the phone) but no luck, I "Forgot this Network" and that didn't work either. But my iPhone discovers the network and I enter my Password/WEP security thing and the spinning wheel spins, but it doesn't connect.
It just spins, that's it.
It was fine yesterday.
Any ideas?

Reset network settings

Did you ever figure it out mine does the same thing at home I changed my phone out bit still does it!

Any answers? Mine is as well

I was having same problem, my iphone 5 would not connect to WiFi. When I turned Bluetooth OFF it suddenly allowed me to enter my wifi password and I'm connected to the WiFi now. My ISP Sudden Link could not help when I called and instead they transferred me to a service called Plum Choice, and they were going to charge to help with this issue. Obviously there's a compatibility issue with Bluetooth. Too bad they can't just say "turn off Bluetooth" without trying to rip customer off. Anyway, this solved my problem. Good luck.

I just had the same issue. Reset network settings worked for me!

My iphone 5s did the same too, I tried both to turned off my bluetooth and Reset Network Setting. No luck at all!

I tried all the things listed above, I pwered off my pone, reset network settings, and it wasnt till i turned the bluetooth on & off that it started working. Just try everything. Over & over till it resets.

Having same problem. It started when I switched from my Canadian Sim card to my UK sim. Not sure if this is relevant. Tired all the above, to no avail. The DHCP info doesn't get loaded onto the phone from the wifi - although it does for all the other iphones in the house. No idea what to do. Gurrrr…

My iphone 5c keeps saying incorrect password for my home wifi but I know the password is correct. It still isn't working and I've tried everything above. Help?

I have tried all the above also and all I get is a spinning wheel. IOS is up to sate. Help?

Try going to Settings> General> Reset> Reset network settings. Worked for me and you do not lose any stored data.

The Settings> General> Reset> Reset network settings. Also worked for me on a 5C running 8.1.2

Turning off Bluetooth allowed my iPhone 5s to conect to WiFi.

mine wont let me do anything wtf