Iphone 5 won't sync with my music library?

I just got a new phone and I synced it my my laptop and added all the music I had on my music library. I purchased some music new music on itunes later but after a few days a couple of those songs wouldn't play on my iPhone. So in order to fix the problem I bought itunes match and synced my iphone to my computer and everything in order to get the music to play. Well, now the only songs on my iphone are the ones i recently purchased and even though the "on this iPhone" section of itunes says my phone has all my original music, it doesn't. The music still doesn't show up even after trying to drag it from my library to my phone.please, anyone know what's up with this!

Did you turn on iTunes Match on the phone?

ITunes Match stores all your content in the cloud. You can download it to the device by accessing the cloud on the phone.
Your phone is NO LONGER SYNCING WITH THE COMPUTER. It is syncing with the cloud.
The match service is a great idea, even for the $25 fee.

Go to the Apple site on your computer and read how Match works, or access Help from your iTunes account.