Iphone 5c not charging, wont turn on?

So I've only had this phone for like 3 months now and before now I've had no trouble with charging. But today when I tried to get it to charge it just wouldn't. So I researched a little and decided to do a hard restart. Once I did that, it turned off and wont turn back on and every time I try and turn it on it gives me the low battery symbol and the charging symbol at the bottom,
I am very frustrated at this point and I have no idea what to do so help will be greatly appreciated.

Added (1). I have left it on the charger through the whole process

go to nearest apple store

you are still under warranty. Call apple

only had it for 3 months.

go to the apple repair center. Warranty is valid for 1 year.

I would say it would have to be your charger, try buying a new one, a decent charger tho, not like those cheap ones from the dg or walmart. If that doesn't work, as the previous posters say go to apple, you are still under warranty.

Like mine wont turn on and I tried the charger I have a ipod 5 and my friend has same phone and the charger works on hers my wont even show the battery on it