Iphone 5s better than the 5c?

Is the iphone 5s any better than the 5c? As the 5s is quite a lot more expensive and doesnt seem to be much different just a bit faster so is there any point spending more money on it?

The iphone 5C is basically just the iphone 5 with prettier colours and a slightly different shape. Apart from the fingerprint recognition bit the 5S has, there isn't much difference between them, so you could go with the 5C. It's still a good phone. My mother in law went for the Blue one.

One phone costs less, the other does more. It's common sense - you get the phone that does what you want and costs no more than you'd like to pay.

"5s is quite a lot more expensive and doesnt seem to be much different"

And you've based that opinion on… What?


The big difference between the 5S and 5/5C (since the 5C is exactly the same hardware as the 5) is that the 5S has a 64-bit processor, which means it's many times more powerful than the 32-bit processor found in the 5/5C (and don't try to throw around the "you need more than 4GB RAM for 64-bit to be useful" argument… It's wrong and shows you know nothing of how hardware works). Get the 5S if you want to get a device that has the first ARMv8-A based processor in a mobile device (to my knowledge in consumer space at least). The difference between the processor on the 5S and the 5/5C (what actually matters when dealing with mobile devices right now) is big, and the 5S has a definite advantage.

Of course it is.

weighs less
better RAM
better low light camera, with True Tone LED flash
slow motion video recording
Apple A7 processor
bigger battery
louder speakers

IPhone's are mostly the same, but they have small settings that separates it from others. The producers do this to make as much money as possible.

Would to add a few more reasons why 5s is much better than 5c:
1.sleeker and more classy.
2. Tougher if drop (look on youtube for drop test)
3. Feel better in your palm.
4.cost only $100 more.

The 5S hardware is twice as fast and is 64bit (and 5S is the only 64bit phone anywhere on the market today). Both 5C and 5S have Airdrop capability and all the iOS 7 functionality but 5S has the best camera and features of any phone out there today. 5S also has the aluminum casing and fingerprint access which is what I like. I also like that you dont even press the home button (wont wear it out) as the fingerprint is automatically recognized when you just put it over it. (5C, C stands for color and has a better battery then the 5 version had and will cost you less then 5S)
If you haven't seen the slo-mo videos taken yet with 5S camera features, go to youtube and search on that to see what people are uploading. Its pretty incredible how cool that looks, I'm amazed the clarity on fast moving things is as clear as it is in slow motion.