IPhone battery doesn't last?

My new iPhone 5 loses 1% every 5 minutes. Is that normal?

Yeah thats pretty normal if you want to save your battery even more turn the brightness down, turn location services off, turn 4G off and your battery should last way longer.

This seems to be something popular with apple devices; the battery tends to lose charge quite quickly. (Yes, it is normal). But there are lots of things that you can do to optimize battery life. Here are a few:

-double click the home button, and then you will see little red bubbles with white lines above all the apps you have recently used. This is because the apps are still "open" and "running" (At least your phone thinks they are). Simply click the little bubbles and it will close them. DON'T worry this won't delete them!
-turn the brightness down a smidge
-lock your phone when not in use
-run your phone through a full charg cycle once in awhile: charge to. 100% and then let it completely die (until it shuts off) . This will let the battery's electrons move around much more and can save your prolong your battery lifespan

For more information check out apple's battery page:


Unfortunately, yes. This is pretty normal. Using 4G data will really drain the battery, if you want it to last longer disable this feature, as well as lower the brightness are the two main things you can do.