IPhone charger keeps breaking?

So i've gone through 5 chargers with my iPhone & my iPod. And all of them keep breaking. I take care of them good. Does anyone know of a good charger that wont break?

You don't take good care of them if they're breaking that often.

I've had ipods and iphones for years, and None of mine ever broke. I take good care of my ***.

I've been through 19 iPhone 5 chargers in 7 months, never ha this problem with previous gen charger. Some stop working after 1 use. Clearly a very poor design.

I've been through about 14. This lighting charger is a waste of money, Iphone 5 chargers are a joke.

I done went through like 6 charges i get one at leaste once or twice every word I'm just finna either switch phones or get the case that charges the phone for you