IPhone vs Android: pros and cons?

I have the samsung epic 1 and I want a new phone. I rly don't care if its android or an iPhone. But I have a lot of music so which one would be easier to switch all my stuff to? And I want a phone with great camera quality too… And would I somehow be able to save and move all my txts too or will they be lost?

IPhone: simple to use, fast, smooth and quick OS. Apps usually cost more but they are more polished. You are locked into iTunes (i see that as a negative)

Android (take what you think of your current phone and forget it… New android phones are so much better) they are fast, and smooth, have an actual file system (so drag and drop from a PC to get your music to the new device, you would have to drag to PC, set up iTunes, import the music, then sync to the iPhone to get your music on the iPhone)
android is a little harder to use, but once you get used to it, iOS adds zero functionality.

i would personally stick with android if i were you. Look at the high end market. Stick with something like the HTC one, Xperia Z1, LG G2, or the samsung galaxy S4. All are great phones with great cameras.